Friday, 24 December 2010


After weeks and weeks of waiting, non-stop hardwork.... everything just goes down the drain~ I declare I give up! It's time to find a new and different solutions to my problems. Hopefully the upcoming 2011 will give new and better hope. I just keep praying that the government or any other banks will come up to a better way to help to all of us who needs financial support. I mean, how many Bruneians are there to be help....? It's not much since we are all less than a million in population.

Anyway, to those friends who got ideas or suggestions on how to find more money (legitimately please). Please do share it with me okey, I'm open to any suggestions :) thank you all~

ps: Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku... padaMu lah tempat ku berlindung~

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Today is NOT so much of a good day. Things do not go the way it should be. First of all, I can't concentrate at all when answering the FR examination. I always can't concentrate properly if something not good about to happen. It is more worse when I have no idea what's bad going to happen.

Finally, later that day, it happened..... went to the bank, and everything just went downhill. All the hardwork, the hours and hours of patience and endless motivation... then its gone just like that. My wife keep motivating me to be more positive. I do am grateful for her.

Tonite, I went out on my own, just to clear my mind... okey, contigency plan..... we have to find a way to settle what's need to be settled...... probably be difficult but we have to!! ..... sigh

ps: apa lah salahku......

Monday, 20 December 2010

Financial Regulation (FR) Examination 2010

Alamak!! Exam oh exam..... this is the most ridiculously difficult exam. Let me put it this way, its one exam about something that you don't came across a lot and also, as if, you will be doing any of it anytime soon. The funny bit about this exam is that the way they do a crash course on the matter and expect everyone to pass. He he.. as a teacher, I feel insulted in the way they teach the FR hehe.. anyway, rain or shine, have to study kan :) Bismillah... open my mind please.. coz its blocked!! ahahahahah...

ps: just FYI, this is the 3rd time I'm taking this exam... which is weird since I know most of the regulations already and still failed... malu eh! ahahahahahaa

Sunday, 19 December 2010

House Hunting~

Arrrgghhhh.... finding the right house is NOT easy!! Too many things have to be considered... we already have this one house on hold, so far it's like a dream house, but we do not have the luxury to wait for it. So we probably have to abandon that house and take a different one... one which is ready to be bought.

Anyway, after thinking long and hard... both me and my wife decided to take a house as an asset. I mean, we need to secure our finance much more than we needed a house. Basically, buy a house and rented it out. Looking at the floor plan of the house, it's quite simple and cheap :) which is a good thing for a house to be rented, ryte? heheh low maintenance. Tomorrow, both of us will go to the bank to sort this out, hopefully things would work out for the best! Gonna have a baby soon, better be prepared~!....

ps: wow, been so long since I've last blogged.. anyway, I keep updating this :) see ya......

Monday, 15 November 2010

Gathering New Information....

WOW.. it has been quite a LOOOOOONG time since I've been here last....... what's the point of having a blog and not write anything kan... oke oke.....

Oke lah, starting tonite, I will gather all information I have to share and then, insyaAllah by tomorrow, this blog will be updated regularly.... huhu.... thanks for the patience yah :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Must Watch Movie

You guys have to watch this movie, all RE fans should! Enough said...

Thursday, 9 September 2010


Ikhlas daripada Zal & Isteri.......

Out Berbukak aka Sungkai @ Raddison Hotel

Today we went out berbukak (sungkai) with two of my dearest friends, the guy above is a friend of mine from primary, still silly as always... (as if I'm not) huhu.....

So, me and wife decided to Sungkai out today. First time ever, can you believe that?! When I was single, we went out Sungkai more than 3 times he he he....

My happy wife with her happy food! Baby gonna get lots of nutritions tonite!!!

Yeah, it's a little dark, who cares.. it's the food that matters.. wow.. so many food, so much temptations... be still my gout, you are my friend tonite!

Ah! Of all the food around, this are my favourite ones, FRUITS!! It's healthy, it's sweet and it's all mine!!!

I dunno what the heck this is, didn't ate it though...


This section is somewhat useless to me... they could be more creative :P

Anyway, it was a fun Sungkai out. Too bad I was not in that much of a good shape. Caught bit of sore throat, headaches and minor flu. Wife got it also, hopefully does not affect my baby.

And this is my friend from when I studied at University of Brunei Darussalam. Thanks so much Lydia for treating us to Sungkai :) banyak pahala tu!! He he.......

ps: kinda sad didn't get to fully utilise my oversize stomach to inhale all the wonderful food, well.. what can we say, every cloud.......

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Students and Tests.....

What is wrong with students nowadays?? Why are they having SO MUCH problems just to pass a single test. This is a test where there is only a few of topics covered. What if its EXAM?? That will be even worse, it's going to cover all the topics learned!

My simple answer here will be DISTRACTIONS!!! There are too many distractions for kids nowadays. So many entertainment including internet and mobile phones. They are more prone to stay online for hours..... rather than on books for at least 10 minutes.

What I don't understand is.... whenever the test papers are given back, they will show this face, theis face of dissatisfaction, they begin to COMPLAINT..... "teacher! paper too hard, teacher! I don't understand the question! teacher this! teacher that!" But during class... do they listen?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! When a teacher say one thing, the most popular answer reply from student is " Ah? What?" They want the teacher to repeat what he/she said before. This is because obviously, the first instruction comes from the teacher mouth is just air......

What annoy me most is when the students have NO IDEA what's going on... for example, on the day of the test.. one student will have the utmost nerve to come over to me and say... "teacher, this topic keluar kah?" or "teacher, is the paper hard??"............ "what? today test kah??" So, whoever ask me this question, definitely doesn't have any embarrassment in his/her life.

The Recipe for Success in your Study is in Your Hand... all you need to do are:

R - read
E - early
A - attention
D - do revisions

So... what are you waiting for?? don't forget to READ~!

ps; kan bersabar ni...............

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Weekend in Miri

Went to Miri last friday invited by my in-laws, it was a nice and fun trip, relax and everything. And oh yeah, saw this one small ice-cream shop that sells customise ice-cream, nice huh! Actually you can suggest many other designs and craps, but since the other customer ordered one with their name written on it, I might as well follow.. :)

This is my sis-in-law and my beloved wife. They had their names done on the ice-cream too! Too bad the ice-cream was TOO COLD and also less sweet, kinda ruin the taste of the ice-cream. We were unable to finish the whole ice-cream and threw it away hehe.....
My dear 'Sufie'~

Look at me......

I saw this one very cute small pink adidas shoes... my god, it's so cute and it makes me want to buy it straightaway he he.... I'm sooo going to be a spoiling dad hehehehehe....

Before we went home, get to go to E-mart, and saw this weird fruit. Its twin watermelon... kinda weird looking hehehe can u guess what it looks like? hehehehe

ps: aduuiiiii~

Monday, 26 July 2010

Syaaban oh Syaaban~

Last sunday, I went to learn reading the Quran. Actually I know how to read but this class is for adult, so basically perfecting the Quran reading. I went to this class with my father-in-law and seems like it was decided that this class will be commencing every Sunday night.

It was fun and educational though. Ugama school ended like years ago but going to this class, I get a whiff of my old times in Ugama school. He he such memories huh~! I thought it was just going to be like reading and correcting, reading and correcting but hey, it was more than that.

The Ustaz (teacher) actually teaches us some of the basic Tajwid (correct reading method) and gives us some good hints and information on reading some words that require 'dengung'. I feel a bit liberated though, cause I used to be very good at this and now I'm a bit lost and forgotten some of the rules and stuff.

Alhamdulillah, the class went on from 8.15pm until 10.00pm. Thanks 'bapa' for giving me a chance to join this class. Its a very good activity and ensures my well-being. Hopefully for the upcoming ramadhan, I will be able to read Quran more smoothly and properly, Amin~!

ps: kena baca gak sorang-sorang depan semua hehe, segan gak tapi best :)

Friday, 23 July 2010

The first step towards fatherhood~!

Well let me start where it began, one morning of 23rd June, my wife woke me up and without saying much, she showed me this. Then I was filled with joy that I can't express with my sleepy face. The first thing came to my mind was "Alhamdulillah, I can't believe it". Lots of my friends are having problems conceiving a child. Even one of my friend actually adopted since the wait is too long. As for me, Allah Maha Kaya, I'm thankful!

This morning, we went for an Ultra-Trans-Vaginal thingy. Little did I expect to see anything much since it's just that my wife only less than 2 months pregnant. But oh boy! I wasn't expecting this. You see, I can see the foetus already and the umbilical cord. It's there! My baby is there, visible!! I feel a rush of happiness looking at my own growing child. I'm almost in tears. It's now 100% confirmed that I'm going to be a dad.

There's more! The doctor said that if we are lucky enough, we could hear its heartbeat. Yes, it has a heartbeat. Then, there it is, around 170 beats per minute... it is the most beautiful sound one could ever hear. At this point, I'm in tears. Something that is mine and in about 7 months, its gonna be there, right in front of my face and in my arms. The doctors predicted the arrival of our baby on 1st March 2011. My god! I can't wait. Oh yeah, it's just a single foetus, so no twins for now :p huhu

"Ya Allah, selamatkanlah diriku, selamatkanlah isteriku dan selamatkanlah anak didalam kandungan isteriku, hanya kepada Mu kami mampu berserah dan kepada Mu juga kami akan kembali"

ps: I'm so filled with emotions right now......

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Owh the sweet road~

Today, I missed my mum and dad. So, I went home quickly after sending my wife to work and take a shower. Put on my work cloth and went straight to my parent's house. I don't know why I feel so giddy and happy that morning. As if, for once, my head feels a bit light.
Well, to make long story short, talk to my dad, bla bla bla, yada yada yada... tadaa~! poof! I finally got the phone that I have been wanting for so long. HTC Legend~! Wait, don't ask too many things about it yet, I haven't used it wildly hu hu. Tomorrow, need to buy a soft case for my new baby HTC. Anyway, enjoy~
ps: oh, I got a new laptop that come along with it, thanks DAD~!!!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Sugar sugar honey honey~

Sugar oh sugar!! Why are you such an enemy to my health? Why oh why? You taste so good, you makes me want you more and more each day. Now I have to see you less often. Arrgghh! Equal just does not taste the same though it brings a better health value.

But nevermind, my lovely wife is sweeter than you. She cooks a much better healthy food which require less or no sugar at all. Gonna miss you sugar but I miss my health more~! He he he

ps: to those sugar-lover out there, better stop before it stops first... [apa yg aku merepek nih!]

Friday, 16 July 2010

Dinner @ Istana Nurul Iman~

Last night we went to Istana Nurul Iman on invitation to Majlis Bersantap bersama KDYMM. We arrived at the palace around 7.30pm but on arrival, there are many other people who arrived already at the venue.

The table was set nicely and it was filled with cutlery, plates and stuff. Before the dinner starts, only two kinds of juices were served and having some experiences on drinks, I bet they serve the no added sugar juices, way to go! :D

The food menu was nicely done, simple but tasteful. The menu was slightly damped due to the wet fan. But hey, it's all good~

At last the food was served, dinner started. The served: Beef Pesamah, Lamb Curry, Chicken Kurma, Fish Fillet in Coconut Gravy, Prawn Kapitan, Sauteed Mixed Vegetables (the best one), Pulao Rice and White Rice. And the dessert: Green Tea Semi Freddo with Sweet Sour Layered Cake (very sweet and delicious).

Since it's already 9pm and we haven't eaten since lunch, there is no time to waste, we start to dig in. Told my wife let's eat slow and steady, but instead, we eat without even saying a word [lapar banar tah sudah he he], look at that, all to ourselves~

His Majesty walks really fast, so my camera is not set to take fast movement pictures, basically of all the pictures I've taken, this is the best one hu hu too bad~

Malaysian ex-Prime Minister was also there.

ps: back home around 11.30pm, what a night but fun~!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Nyam nyam

Had one of this last night, very fulfilling... do whatever it takes to make you happy!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Off to Clinic~

Got doctor's appointment today and it was a nice warm day (not that hot!). The queue was a bit long but not depressing. I went to the reception and got to see the result of my blood test 2 weeks ago. My blood sugar level has dropped from 9 to 7. I was surprised! I did it he he, I'm sure my wife will be so proud of me. The doctor checked my blood pressure and it is back to normal. My uric acid was a bit high around 478H. It has not changed since my last check up. But it should subside now since my gout nearly gone :D

The doctor said I should watch what I eat now and do some regular exercise, and yeah I will doc!! :) Having gout is NOT fun... seriously. With my baby coming along, daddy has to get real healthy *blush*...... anyway, off to work now, school will end early today due to "Solat Jemaah" in conjuction with the Sultan's birthday. Daulat Kebawah Duli Tuan Patik~!

ps: malam ni ada tusyen, rehat tia karang! ahahahaha...........

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

What a day....

Oh my god~! how many of these things left for me to mark?? No matter how much I have done, there is still many left. Is there any way for us to be more effective than this? The thing is, if we don't give the kids these works, they wouldn't be learning anything. But if we give it, it takes lots of our time to assess it. I though SPN suppose to make it easy. It was said before, for SPN... "teacher will do less marking".... and I was like.. yeaaaaah right!! Continuous assessment baby!! No such thing as less marking hahahahaha....~

Went to a bit of grocery shopping last time, bought some stuff for making my wife special "shepherd's pie" requested humbly by my good friend "fajar de cruz". I was so bored while waiting on the counter and look what I did.. ahaha.. I arrange the groceries.. yes ladies n gentlemen, thats how long we waited.. kekeke.. by the way, the shepherd pie was superb! hehe..

ps: can't eat much pie, gout nanti! hehe

Monday, 12 July 2010

Serenity Beach~

Went to Muara beach last sunday... the end of a nice long weekend (friday till sunday). So many to think about especially finances. I have to say, its rather neck-choking but I'm sure god has better intention. Mesti sabar dan redha!

I have to say, the cool breeze from the sea has some calming effect and I keep looking at how far the sea goes... it seems endless, but when I think straight ahead, there's should be Singapore and West Malaysia.... there's another life going on the other side of the sea.

Keep on praying to Allah~ "Berikanlah ketenangan pada diri hambaMu yang lemah ini, luaskan lah rezeki kami yang hanya mampu berserah kepadaMu, amin~!"

ps: sabarlah wahai saudara-saudara Brunei ku, insyaAllah, kesempitan kitani ani, ada rahmatnya nanti... amin~

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Updating my blog

Haiyaaaa... it takes quite a long time for me to update this blog of mine. So tired everyday maaaa~ Anyway, I'm sorry about not posting any other wedding pics of mine.. but hey hey, don't worry la, I'm actually waiting for my paid photographer to give me my wedding pictures. It's been quite a long time already, been sms-ing every now and then but so far, TAKDE! huhu... but if it's here... I will post it up on my photo blog.

Oh for you out there who didn't know, my photo blog is linked to this blog, so just click my profile picture there and you will see my photo blog okey. Things a bit busy on my side right now, I'll try to be better with this blog this. I used to love to write and share my life a bit, so please be patient okeyyy :)

ps: uhuk2.. pening ngan keje sekolah huhu..................