Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Out of Time~

It seems like I keep running out of time. I always found myself in a rush to do something. But I blame partly to myself as I always wake up late and daydreamed mostly through the night. I don't know what I was thinking about and later found out that I have wasted quite a lot of time. I tried to sleep early but my eyes and mind just won't cooperate. I keep motivating myself.. "if I wake up early, I can get more things done".

Its true with what have been written in our holy book of Quran...

"Demi masa... sesungguhnya manusia itu di dalam kerugian"

If we wasted our time, we wasted it for good. There is no turning back. If we cannot move forward, we are not moving at all. And I'm not sure if I'm moving forward. What I need to do now, is putting all my willpower and effort to be a better person. I'm going to be a different person soon, so I can't be lazy! I need to be more hardworking than ever~

ps: berdoa dan usaha adalah kunci kemajuan~....

Saturday, 3 April 2010

In Loving Memory : Bushairi~

1979 - 2010

At this very moment, a good friend of mine is admitted in the ICU fighting for his life where the doctor diagnosed that he got 20% chance of living. He suffers from Hepatitis B where the bacteria begin to attack his brain cells. It is a very sad situation. Bush (@Busairi) has been a very good friend and always more than happy to help a friend in need. I've known Bush since 2004 and ever since he has shared his wisdom and give me good advices.

Being a friend oversea, I'm sad because I can't be there to pay him a visit. But nevertheless, endless prayers are for him. We (all his friends everywhere) will give our heartiest support and neverending prayers for his well-being. We hope to see his happy face once more.


UPDATED NEWS: Bushairi past away this morning 3rd April @5am.... he will be greatly missed. sob

ps: the late Bushairi's pic has been removed due to respect... thank you

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Gonna be a busy week~

Hmm... school just reopen last Monday and things started to get busy again. Next week, its going to be crazily busy as 2 members of my department will go off for their workshops for 8 days. I was telling my head of department that we can't take over all the classes so she has to tell the admin people that other subject teachers have to help substituting the class as well.

This and that, extra work at no extra pay, the motivation is virtually zero. Ah.. so bored with work already, why can't I just stay teaching!.... That's what they want anyway.. students performance this.. exam results that.. but they are overworking us with non-teaching stuff.. how can all these be efficient for students learning... sigh.....