Thursday, 17 March 2011


"Brunei Common Assessment Task" or short as "BCAT" is a new method of standardised assessment that goes for 30% into the SBA. Basically, BCATs are a series of tasks done by the students with the help of Rubrics, Self Assessments and Peer Assessments that makes up 30% of their SBA at the end of Year 8 and ofcourse 70% from their SPE.
Each student will have their own "portfolios" for each CORE subjects (6 of them). Inside each portfolios contains their BCAT Tasks, Self- and Peer- Assessments and their best works. There will be 7 BCATS and there will be 7 BCATs reporting to do (it was agreed every BCAT will have parent-teacher meet!)
My biggest problems with this are:
1. Lots of paperworks (since we are going backwards from saving-paper to wasting-paper)
2. Time-constrains (really having problems with this)
3. Overwhelmed by other responsibilities.
ps: good luck to all Year 7 core subject teachers!