Friday, 24 December 2010


After weeks and weeks of waiting, non-stop hardwork.... everything just goes down the drain~ I declare I give up! It's time to find a new and different solutions to my problems. Hopefully the upcoming 2011 will give new and better hope. I just keep praying that the government or any other banks will come up to a better way to help to all of us who needs financial support. I mean, how many Bruneians are there to be help....? It's not much since we are all less than a million in population.

Anyway, to those friends who got ideas or suggestions on how to find more money (legitimately please). Please do share it with me okey, I'm open to any suggestions :) thank you all~

ps: Ya Allah, Ya Tuhanku... padaMu lah tempat ku berlindung~

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Today is NOT so much of a good day. Things do not go the way it should be. First of all, I can't concentrate at all when answering the FR examination. I always can't concentrate properly if something not good about to happen. It is more worse when I have no idea what's bad going to happen.

Finally, later that day, it happened..... went to the bank, and everything just went downhill. All the hardwork, the hours and hours of patience and endless motivation... then its gone just like that. My wife keep motivating me to be more positive. I do am grateful for her.

Tonite, I went out on my own, just to clear my mind... okey, contigency plan..... we have to find a way to settle what's need to be settled...... probably be difficult but we have to!! ..... sigh

ps: apa lah salahku......

Monday, 20 December 2010

Financial Regulation (FR) Examination 2010

Alamak!! Exam oh exam..... this is the most ridiculously difficult exam. Let me put it this way, its one exam about something that you don't came across a lot and also, as if, you will be doing any of it anytime soon. The funny bit about this exam is that the way they do a crash course on the matter and expect everyone to pass. He he.. as a teacher, I feel insulted in the way they teach the FR hehe.. anyway, rain or shine, have to study kan :) Bismillah... open my mind please.. coz its blocked!! ahahahahah...

ps: just FYI, this is the 3rd time I'm taking this exam... which is weird since I know most of the regulations already and still failed... malu eh! ahahahahahaa

Sunday, 19 December 2010

House Hunting~

Arrrgghhhh.... finding the right house is NOT easy!! Too many things have to be considered... we already have this one house on hold, so far it's like a dream house, but we do not have the luxury to wait for it. So we probably have to abandon that house and take a different one... one which is ready to be bought.

Anyway, after thinking long and hard... both me and my wife decided to take a house as an asset. I mean, we need to secure our finance much more than we needed a house. Basically, buy a house and rented it out. Looking at the floor plan of the house, it's quite simple and cheap :) which is a good thing for a house to be rented, ryte? heheh low maintenance. Tomorrow, both of us will go to the bank to sort this out, hopefully things would work out for the best! Gonna have a baby soon, better be prepared~!....

ps: wow, been so long since I've last blogged.. anyway, I keep updating this :) see ya......