Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Students and Tests.....

What is wrong with students nowadays?? Why are they having SO MUCH problems just to pass a single test. This is a test where there is only a few of topics covered. What if its EXAM?? That will be even worse, it's going to cover all the topics learned!

My simple answer here will be DISTRACTIONS!!! There are too many distractions for kids nowadays. So many entertainment including internet and mobile phones. They are more prone to stay online for hours..... rather than on books for at least 10 minutes.

What I don't understand is.... whenever the test papers are given back, they will show this face, theis face of dissatisfaction, they begin to COMPLAINT..... "teacher! paper too hard, teacher! I don't understand the question! teacher this! teacher that!" But during class... do they listen?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! When a teacher say one thing, the most popular answer reply from student is " Ah? What?" They want the teacher to repeat what he/she said before. This is because obviously, the first instruction comes from the teacher mouth is just air......

What annoy me most is when the students have NO IDEA what's going on... for example, on the day of the test.. one student will have the utmost nerve to come over to me and say... "teacher, this topic keluar kah?" or "teacher, is the paper hard??"............ "what? today test kah??" So, whoever ask me this question, definitely doesn't have any embarrassment in his/her life.

The Recipe for Success in your Study is in Your Hand... all you need to do are:

R - read
E - early
A - attention
D - do revisions

So... what are you waiting for?? don't forget to READ~!

ps; kan bersabar ni...............

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Weekend in Miri

Went to Miri last friday invited by my in-laws, it was a nice and fun trip, relax and everything. And oh yeah, saw this one small ice-cream shop that sells customise ice-cream, nice huh! Actually you can suggest many other designs and craps, but since the other customer ordered one with their name written on it, I might as well follow.. :)

This is my sis-in-law and my beloved wife. They had their names done on the ice-cream too! Too bad the ice-cream was TOO COLD and also less sweet, kinda ruin the taste of the ice-cream. We were unable to finish the whole ice-cream and threw it away hehe.....
My dear 'Sufie'~

Look at me......

I saw this one very cute small pink adidas shoes... my god, it's so cute and it makes me want to buy it straightaway he he.... I'm sooo going to be a spoiling dad hehehehehe....

Before we went home, get to go to E-mart, and saw this weird fruit. Its twin watermelon... kinda weird looking hehehe can u guess what it looks like? hehehehe

ps: aduuiiiii~