Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Majlis Nikah, 28th May 2010......

Now, how should I start all these? Let's start at where it all began okay. 28th May.... the big day, the day me and my family have been waiting for. I always get this silly question 'so are you nervous?' A person with a right mind would have said 'ofcourse I am!' Getting married is not a joke. It's real and lots of responsibilities. By the way, what I meant was, yes, I was nervous, but in a good way. :) Look at me in the picture above, sangat confident masuk masjid, ready to be wed.

And then, the majlis started. The 'Imam' was nice enough to crack a few jokes now and then. It's a good way to calm me down. Been practicing every night so that I would say the correct words later. Then funny thing happen, my wife name were written differently. It should say "Sufeatin binti Awg Haji Surhan" not "Sufeatin binti Haji Awg Surhan". Eventhough it's just a minor error, but still have to be careful :p Alhamdulillah! I did it~ Just ONE go! So proud of myself then.

This is what we called 'membatalkan air wudhu'. I had to read something while doing this. :) Such memory. At this moment in time, I'm now legally her husband and she is my wife. We can now start our journey towards happiness.

Now, I put on the ring. It was a very nice ring. We both picked it out together. I love star and that's why her ring has a star shape. I have a ring for myself as well. It is just a simple ring. Biasalah, zal rimas pakai cincin, so it has to be as simple and a thin as possible. Funny thing, my finger started to shrink, cincin tu mcm dah longgar kat jari zal :p

So, the function is done!... I'm now a married man. My family is happy and her family is happy. And yes! ofcourse lah, both of us also happy!

ps: next post, Majlis Berbedak (aka Tepung Tawar) pengantin lelaki and Perempuan.

Monday, 21 June 2010

First day at work

Well.... kind of a bit unorganise during the first day of work and oh yeah, I have tuition class in the evening.. whoaaaa.. ngalih jua lah! hehehe... oh by the way, I thought I'm gonna update my blog today but seems like I want to sleep more than do anything else. So me and my wife heads to sleep kinda early hehehe... no worries.. next post should be exciting.. wait for it yah!! hehe

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Magical moments come to an end.....

Weddings, honeymoon and lots and lots of sightseeings... finally, it's all done. I am landing on Earth now, tomorrow marks the first working day arrrrrgh! he he....

What do teach tomorrow ah? Shall I torture them? Give a good slap of reality check?

Anyway, the important is... to get myself and my students ready for the upcoming SPE. Its going to be tough (who said it isn't!). Anyway, good luck to me and them he he...

Work!! here i come.. bring it on!!