Friday, 21 January 2011

Life oh life~

Assalamualaikum all!... It's been a while since I posted my own picture in my blog :) the reason is mostly because I don't look that good. Lately I feel really bloated, I can even feel I gain lots of weight. Arggh, I've been missing a good workout last year and I was in a good shape to do some exercises. Now I have to redo everything just to get back my stamina. Starting from the beginning is not an easy thing... first of all, I need to have self-confident and motivation. To wake up early and do exercises [e.g. jogging] just not easy, let alone trying to keep it as a routine.

But nevertheless, I will try my best, my baby girl is coming soon, so daddy needs to be in a very good shape :)~

ps: work life work life work work work work.....~

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