Thursday, 17 March 2011


"Brunei Common Assessment Task" or short as "BCAT" is a new method of standardised assessment that goes for 30% into the SBA. Basically, BCATs are a series of tasks done by the students with the help of Rubrics, Self Assessments and Peer Assessments that makes up 30% of their SBA at the end of Year 8 and ofcourse 70% from their SPE.
Each student will have their own "portfolios" for each CORE subjects (6 of them). Inside each portfolios contains their BCAT Tasks, Self- and Peer- Assessments and their best works. There will be 7 BCATS and there will be 7 BCATs reporting to do (it was agreed every BCAT will have parent-teacher meet!)
My biggest problems with this are:
1. Lots of paperworks (since we are going backwards from saving-paper to wasting-paper)
2. Time-constrains (really having problems with this)
3. Overwhelmed by other responsibilities.
ps: good luck to all Year 7 core subject teachers!


GraFiQuE said...

Good luck for the students...

cantek logo dia! ahaks

Pg Hj Saiful Rizal said...

logo zal curik dari internet.. huahahaha

hayati said...

yeah thats true...too many paper work.